The cost of a mural painting is determined by the following factors:

  • Size of the mural
  • Level of detail of the mural
  • Location of the mural
  • Timing of the mural completion

These pricing factors and additional considerations are discussed below.
However, every project is unique.
Please contact us to discuss your mural project in order to receive a more accurate quotation.

Mural Size

The size of the mural is typically the main factor in the cost equation.
The cost per square metre (PSM) ranges from 300 € to 360 € (PSM), depending on the size of the mural.
The larger the mural, the lower the price per square metre.
Please see the following mural pricing chart that will help you estimate the cost of your mural project:

Mural Pricing Chart

Size of mural (square metre) Cost of Mural (PSM)
0 - 5 m² 360 €
5 - 10 m² 340 €
10 - 20 m² 320 €
Over 20 m² 300 €

Minimum project fee: 1.000 €


Level of Detail

Painting a high level of detail means that more time is required to paint certain elements of the mural.
For this reason, we apply a high-detail surcharge of 20 € PSM if the mural contains detailed lettering, human figures or trompe l’oeil elements.


If you live outside the Düsseldorf Area (20 Kms from Düsseldorf), a travel expense surcharge will be incurred.

Timing of the mural completion

Should the required timing to complete the mural be more demanding than our usual timing terms, we may consider a timing surcharge.

Mural Designs

One design sketch and one revision sketch are included in our mural prices.
Additional sketches are a minimum of 250 € each.

Painting Materials and Labor

Materials and labor are included in our mural prices.

Additional Considerations

The cost for scaffolding or a lift, if needed, are not included in our mural prices.
These considerations are discussed and are included in our final mural project quotation.

Minimum Project Fee

As mural creation takes time and energy, we have a minimum mural project fee of 1.000 €.